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HamaraBizar is the 1st Online Desi Store in North America for the South Asian and Middle Eastern community to buy & sell Fashion, Electronics,

Home & Kitchen, Sports & Fitness,

Khana Kazana items like Snacks, Sweets, Fruits, similar to eBay online shopping,

Coupons, dresses, shoes,Auction, cricket bats,


Why South Asian and Middle Eastern?

The idea for this website came from a lack of a digital platform for the South Asian and Middle Eastern community in North America where people can buy or sell their ethnic items from a reliable source.


What can I do on the site?

Well, as a customer, you will be given access to all you can buy shopping spree. And if you`re a seller, then you can start a business by selling your ethnic items. The possibilities are endless

What`s different here then other sites?

The difference you will feel on the site is the treatment and customer service that we pride on. You are not just a user or customer for us. At Hamarabizar.com, we value our relationship. This relationship keeps us going to provide better and better service.


What do you mean by South Asian and Middle Eastern Countries?

The part of the world where we originate is vastly huge. When we say Middle East and South Asia, then we are referring to almost half of the world. In North America, people who migrated from south asian countries and from middle east always try to attach with their cultures. Therefore, they find local shops to buy their origin stuffs which cost them a lot and it’s hard to find. HamaraBizar provides the online platform with one click to find all the stuffs what you require.

Fill me in as to whether you are looking any help from my side.
Keep in touch and Stay Blessed.

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